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An Alignment of Stars


You caught me just in time with your letter. Just in time to soothe my anxieties about the upcoming holidays, cease with my planning for a few moments, and reflect on the reason that we’re having these celebrations at all.

The most prominent event on my mind lately is Ellis’s upcoming first birthday. She’s all sorts of wonderful, and in the back of my mind, I’m even congratulating myself a little. Like, I did it! I did this. But the truth is, I couldn’t have done it without people like you! Yes, you!

I’m so incredibly thankful and blessed to have you!

And it’s true, your life is filled with countless blessings. Some things you were miraculously and divinely gifted with like your breathtaking creativity, your unwavering ability to see the bright side in every situation & cheer up anyone who is feeling down, and your people, family and friends (myself included) that adore you! But also the things that you are working so very hard for, your education and your blossoming career in academics are no small feat to be grateful for as well. 

You inspire me. The world is so wide open and ready for you and your brilliant mind and I’m one of your biggest and loudest fans! I’m eternally grateful to the constellations of stars that so perfectly aligned and made my path cross with yours. Once, twice, as many times as it needed to for us to strike the match that lit this friendship! Where would I be without it?

One year ago today, I still would have been hella pregnant and (sorta newly) hella single. But strangely enough, that marked the beginning of the best year of my life. At the time, I remember taking a step back to realize that I was truly thriving, I had a cute, safe space to bring my daughter home to, I was financially set up from working so hard in the months leading up, I had endless support from my family and friends, and I was just ready. At last, the fog was lifting and I could see the sun.

You actually had such a unique and important role in all of this. So here’s a couple of stand-out moments:

Reading your hilarious and sometimes dreamy little messages late at night kept me company when I needed it the most. Ah yes, and laughing about how I was going to leave you in charge of what I could only presume would have to be an arranged marriage for my future because I clearly cannot be trusted to make such decisions without your guidance. 

Coming out to visit my little newborn and I when I was still just barely figuring out the mom thing. Such a weird, raw, vulnerable time, but you wanted to be there with us! That’s because you’re the greatest friend I (*we) could ever ask for.

Welcoming both Ellis and me into your home and treating us like family, always! Not to mention being so brave as to take an 8-month-old baby with us wherever we went and fulfilling our appetite for adventure.

Continually inspiring & challenging me to work on things that enrich my soul and give me a greater sense of identity and belonging. Some can only be so lucky to find such a kindred spirit.

And lastly, encouraging me to take big leaps of faith, even ones that happen to take me all the way across the country. To new places. New people. New everything, really.

There’s a great big, wide world out there and we are not about to let each other miss it.

This last year was nothing short of incredible and I can’t begin to imagine what the next has in store. 

I’m celebrating with you! In spirit, for now, until Ellis and I can get to Boise this winter and liquor your up (with a single Moscow mule) and celebrate alongside you! 

I love you!

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