If you also share my love of art, history, beauty, and spooky subjects, this blog is probably for you.

I started Ardent Few to showcase captivating commentary about culture, faith, and science, but lately its become an open journal to record everything. In many ways, Ardent Few exists as an extension of raw, honest conversations between friends & serves to help make sense of the world through a unique, warmhearted, and nuanced lens.

So, what does “Ardent Few” even mean? 

In a world where people skirt by in their interactions with one another and resist expressing their deepest passions, this blog aims to do the opposite.

Here, there is no lack of enthusiasm or exuberance. Wholly and unapologetically lean into your bliss and encourage whomever you meet, to do the same. 

After all, you aren’t truly living or connecting with others if you allow your fire, your passions, and your enthusiasm to dim and smolder away.

I am so happy you’re here.

– Taylyn