About Us

Lilly Crolius and Taylyn Cogswell are friends who met pursing their undergraduate studies in Media Arts at Boise State University with their emphases in Public Relations and Journalism respectively. Their shared love of art, history, beauty and, of course, spooky and arcane subject matter has formed a rich an alluring backdrop to their many conversations about culture, faith, and how they go about making sense of the world. 

In many ways, Ardent Few exists as an extension of those raw, honest conversations between friends and provides readers with an insight into what the writers have been thinking about, the media they’ve been obsessed with lately, and is an open book into what they’ve been working on – whether that be professionally, academically, personally, or spiritually. 

So, what does “Ardent Few” even mean? If you ask Taylyn & Lilly, they’ll explain that in a world where people skirt by in their interactions with one another with bland surface level banter and resist expressing their passions for fear of ridicule or being met with a lack of enthusiasm, they aim to do the opposite. Perhaps they are among a remaining select few of individuals who wholly and unapologetically lean into their own bliss and encourage one another, as well as whomever they meet, to do the same. After all, you aren’t truly living or connecting with others if you allow your fire, your passions, and your enthusiasm to dim and smolder away.

Here’s to a space that kindles the flame.

We love, love, love you. Most ardently. And we are so happy you’re here with us.

– Taylyn and Lilly