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Whimsy & Wanderlust in Spanish Architecture

Given how I tend to experience places, with my senses first, I became particularly enamored with the work of Antoni Gaudí while I was in Barcelona. Some of his whimsical creations, expert use of color and avoidance of straight lines in his most experimental designs have stuck with me this long, inspired some of my own art and helped me to rethink everything I’d previously considered to be “beautiful”.

Poetry, Prose


In this fictional prose piece, the protagonist has an encounter with two alternate versions of herself – her burdensome, yet loyal companion Fear and the idealized version of her youth The Bride. Set against the backdrop of a castle in Chianti, Italy, a place Taylyn visited as a teenager, this rhythmic story illustrates the main character’s desire to overcome Fear and seek out greater adventures, ultimately coming to terms with all of the versions of herself she has still yet to meet.