Magic in the Mundane: The Spiritual Interworkings of My Kitchen

Lately, I’ve been spending copious amounts of time in the kitchen. Whether this is out of compulsion, intrigue, or survival, I don’t know. But what

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Stars Shine in Turns

Floating on in a void of time Gazing upon fleeting lives Feeling immortal Worshiped as such But even the light of the sun Must one

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Laughter is my drug of choice. If you’re asking me, I’d say that where you can find humor, you can also find a shred of joy. That makes sense, right?

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Freedom Through Writing

I now stand over the anvil of writing sweating, eyes open, hammering away at the sword of words. I heat it in the coals of passion, tinker with the hammer of revision, and cool it in the waters of reflection. I still have a long while to go as I improve my work, but in this case, the journey is just as important as the goal. I am fervent in this business now that I can look beside me and see that writing was my ally all along, not some chore forced upon me by the evolution of man.

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Before the original sin, stark naked and unaware, Adam and Eve were merely a part of their perfectly balanced ecosystem. They worked for nothing. They created nothing. They likely would have felt nothing except for the basic instincts that govern living creatures. An even temperament. A homeostasis. No real love, no fear, no desire. They were content with such an existence until the serpent slithered up Eve’s arm and told her to take a bite. To open her eyes. To know. To truly feel.

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An Alignment of Stars

A gratitude letter to Lilly detailing some of the greatest events that happened this last year and celebrating the friendship that made it all possible.

Lilly, You caught me just in time with your letter. Just in time to soothe my anxieties about the upcoming holidays, cease with my planning for a few moments, and reflect on the reason that we’re having these celebrations at all.

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A Letter to Taylyn

I have so much to be thankful for. My health, my friends and family, and my potential future are all reasons I wake up in the morning and smile. I think a lot of people these days, especially our age, find it hard to see the silver linings in things. Being thankful can be a hard barrier to overcome when people think the world is out to get them. I wish them success in finding true happiness, or at the very least contentment. For me at least, I try to look to the bright side even in times of paralyzing darkness. I thank my loved ones and the Lord for this life. It is a good one.

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Sexy Ghouls: How Repulsion & Intrigue form a Backdrop for Ghastly Romance in Literature

A common canonical rule in horror, or if you’re incredibly spiritual & superstitious, is that a monster must be invited in to cause any real damage to you. In classic literature and occult media, vampires must be invited to cross the threshold of a home and demons must be given permission to enter an object or take possession of body. In much the same way, Victor invited his monster into existence by creating him in the first place. And this is first and foremost how horror begins to befall our rather dim-witted main characters.

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