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Last summer, after I heard Jane Austen’s Persuasion was being adapted on Netflix. I RAN to the library to read it that week before I got cranberry-vodka intoxicated with my husband and watched the silly film adaptation. I have ZERO complaints! It made me smile. It was humorous & funny & creative. In fact, I think the experience kickstarted the major reading adventure I’ve started this year.

I just heard a cute booktuber talk about how Jane Austen’s stories feel like summertime… it’s true, isn’t it? She writes about fresh air and sunshine and long walks in a way that makes me crave those things. So, naturally, I read Persuasion in my toddler’s saucer swing underneath a tree in our backyard during naptime for a week straight.

The late summer storms were blowing through each evening. Wind sweeping away the hot, humid, stale air of the day and ushering in the fall… 🌬🍃

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